For those of you who do not know it, as I’ve talked about it other than here, The Star Host, Volume 1 of FT LukensBroken Moon was one of the releases for Livre Paris 2018 from MxM bookmark I expected the most. This title had made my eye as soon as the publisher had announced and unveiled the cover. Having had the opportunity to have it in my kindle a few days before its release, I literally devoured it in a few hours. I give you a fast review, having just closed my kindle. Was it up to my expectations, I tell you everything in the next lines.

Science fiction is not a genre much exploited in the MM. We can read many contemporary romances, a lot of fantastic thanks to the plethora of stories of werewolves and even find some nuggets in fantasy. On the other hand, when it comes to science fiction, then, you really have to search. We have some non-translated titles, like the Sci-Regency series by J.L. Langley, but with a French translation, I think the number of titles is approaching nothingness.

I love this genre and I admit that I missed it not to find a good series of SF in MM, with gay characters to which I could really feel connected. At this point, The Star Host has perfectly fulfilled its role. Certainly, Ren and Asher, the main characters in the story are the opposite of me, but yet I could feel close to them. I appreciated their very different characters that are perfectly fitting with the different backgrounds they come from. The author has done a very good job at this point. We notice from the beginning their differences and it is with pleasure that little by little, over the pages, the author shows us that in love, the origin does not count and that it is what we live together and the trials that go through that shape the feelings and ultimately the strength and quality of a relationship.

And to live things, our two heroes will live. First prisoners and fugitives, illegal immigrants, adventurers, survivors, to end up as unrecognized heroes at the end of the book, Ren, Asher and their friends will make us live an exciting story that goes on at a pace close to the speed of light. The pace is also for me one of the weaknesses of this title. It’s good, but I would have preferred it to be slower. So yes, it would have made a thicker book, but I think it would have allowed us to better immerse ourselves in the story, to feel more emotions and to better understand the attachment and the reactions to some passages of the Book. I really felt that lack sometimes. As often in epic SF Books, tragic moments happen and during one, I stayed like “Yeah well that’s OK, do not do tons, it’s not like it was your best friend .” Yet I really enjoyed this character and I thought he was going to have an important place on the side of romance and yet I could not feel empathy. Why ? Because of the steady pace, we did not see enough interactions between him and Ren. Too bad, because it could have made some scenes very moving. Aside from this problem of rhythm, the story is really interesting and engaging. F.T. Lukens has created a very rich universe. The descriptions of the different places allow a good visualization of the scenes and the reader, once again, to get into the book.

Regarding romance, we are in a Young Adult, so if you are looking for a title with many hot sex scenes, you will be disappointed. Even so, romance is present. It takes its time. Our two heroes are gradually getting closer and little by little their feelings evolve. I found it very cute, and I appreciated the fact that romance is not the focus of the book. The journey and adventures of Ren and Asher are, and it’s nice, for once to have a MM series where the romance revolves around the story and not the opposite.

In the end, The Star Host is an introductory tome of a series and it does the job well. The universe and the characters are well introduced. We arrive at the end of this volume with the conclusion of a chapter of the adventures of Ren and Asher and the desire to know more. Many questions that may arise about Ren and his powers have no answers. Some key characters in the story are still in the wild, and we realize that some allies might ultimately be future enemies of our companions. In short, this volume 1 ends on the promise of next volumes as interesting as the first and, for my part, I look forward to discovering their next adventures.


The Star Host (Broken Moon #1) by F.T. Lukens
4 Rating

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