“Pretty in Pink” is the sixth book in Jay Northcote’s “housemates” series. A series that I had so far rather appreciated with favorites for the volume 2 “Like a love” and 4 “Watching and wanting”. I thought I would have a good time reading this last title. Unfortunately, “Pretty in Pink” was a little disappointment for me.

For starters, I have been confused since the first few pages. We do not know anything about the sexuality of Ryan, the main character, who finally, at least at the beginning, turns out to be straight. A straight not so straight, since he finds himself attracted to a guy. In itself, nothing serious, it is a scenario seen more than once. Only what bothered me here is his reaction. He’s not shocked, not bothered, it’s like, “Oh I’m attracted to a guy, oh well, I’m going to go to him, oh, and then, I’m going to fuck him.” It seemed totally surreal to me. I also had the same feeling a few pages later with the reaction of the roommates. They have always believed him straight, realize that no, and their only reaction is a friendly slap in the back and a “Good for You Buddy”.

It was during this conversation that a second point particularly shocked me. Throughout the book, all the characters end up at one point asking the question “Was it a one-off,” what a shot of a night. And for once, as a gay man, well demisexual, but it’s not the subject, who has lived rather well and met a number of gays quite important, many, fans of one night stands, I can certify that this is not the first question that comes to our mouth during brunch the next day at noon. We’ll ask if he was a good lay, whether he was well endowed or any other technical detail, but no, no one started the conversation with “was it was a one-off?”. Maybe at one time, after all the gossips and juicy details we will ask the other if he intends to see him again, but that’s all. Reading this reflection once, OK no problem, but I assure you that at the closing of the book, I was allergic to it.

This lack of realism has clearly shocked me. Jay Northcote is usually an author whose experience is felt in his books. But I did not find this anchor in real life. Situations lack credibility and natural dialogues. When I speak of lack of credibility, I am not talking only about the initial situation. The characters fall in love in just 2 days. It’s going too fast, it’s not at all realistic and the book would have won and deserved to have some “a week later”, “a month later”. This would have made the reactions of the characters much more understandable and credible, in my opinion.

Sometimes some negative aspects of a novel are forgotten by his characters, but here it is not even the case. I certainly loved the character Ryan whom I managed to connect a few times. But then Johnny easily enters the top 10 characters I find the most unfriendly. For me, it’s a jerk, whimsical, incomprehensible that uses the excuse of a love disappointment to be fucked by everything that moves or almost. He is the near perfect embodiment of everything I despise in the gay world.

I will conclude my review with a final point that once again clearly shocked me. This is not the first time I make this remark and that I find this point shocking. No, my author’s friends, you cannot advocate prevention, condoms, HIV tests and all the tints and make your characters swallon two lines after. While the risk of transmission is lower, it is not zero. That your characters do not suck with a condom, I can understand, we are very little to do it, myself included, but for please, make an effort to make them cum elsewhere than deep in their throat. It’s not as if the male body was missing was missing squares of flesh, and news flash, many gay guys prefer facials to swallow.

In short, Pretty in Pink is not a book I recommend. I loved the series, which I strongly recommend. It has nice moments of reading and a volume 5 that breathes true life experiences. Unfortunately it is not the case in this one which gives more desire to see the series ending with this title rather than to hope for a sequel.

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Pretty in Pink by Jay Northcote
2.5 Rating
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