Hello everyone,
So I’m a little bit late. It must be said that I had not planned at first to make an article, but a video. But the beginning of the year being what it is, very busy, I did not have the time. So as this morning I had a little bit of time, I told myself that I was going to make this old-fashioned article and publish it on the blog. so here we are.

Question 1: The first novel read in 2017

This is a forbidden companion, the fourth book in Tony Griffin’s Holland Brothers series. This is my favorite tome and in all honesty the most interesting.

Question 2: The last novel read in 2017

I finished my year reading Elijah, the fourth volume of H.V. Gavriel’s Les Loups de Riverdance. A small disappointment unfortunately from an author that I particularly appreciate. (It’s a french book with no english translation)

Question 3: The most anticipated book in 2017

This is the second book in the Anyta Sunday series Signs of Love. I had a huge crush on Leo loves Aries and I really wanted to read his sequel, Scorpio hates Virgo.

Question 4: best series series

Here I can not choose between 2 titles. I do not think they were published in 2017, but I read them last year so they have their place here. These are two books by Santino Hassell, Fast Connection, Volume 2 of the Cyberlove series and First and First, Volume 3 of the Five Borough series. These are my two favorite Santino titles with my two favorite characters from this author, Dominic and Caleb. Two big favorites.

Question 5: The book I have heard most about

This is Ella Frank’s Try. It’s really worth all the noise around it. You can find my review of this book right here.

Question 6: Most read publisher

Dreamspinner but followed very closely by self-publishing. I read mainly in English and abroad it is a way of publication much more widespread.

Question 7: Most read author

Santino Hassell, I binge read his Cyberlove and Five Borough series

Question 8: The novel that moved me the most

This is Lily Morton’s Rule Breaker because I really suffered with the main character. In this category, I will also choose Wolfsong from TJ Klune who made me cry and Sorpio hates Virgo from Anyta Sunday because the way she talks about demisexuality reminded me of my own questionning and what I went through in my past before embracing and fully assuming my own sexuality.

Question 9: Author (s) of the year 2017

Santino Hassell and Anyta Sunday

Question 10: Best memory related to books in 2017

Without hesitation the Y / CON (a french convention about LGBTQ+ romances), I made wonderful meetings. I was happy to find people from the Net whom I consider as friends and I could exchange with great emotion with Anyta Sunday. In short, unforgettable moments.

Question 11: The most beautiful cover

Still a tough choice, so I’ll give 3 titles, Hard Wired by Santino Hassell, Taming Teddy by Lucy Lennox and L’enfer est complet en cette saison by Solade (A french book with no English translation).

Question 12: 3 biggest disappointments of 2017

Charlie Cochet’s Soldati fox for which I was expecting too much and whose format I was disappointed with, Elijah by H.V. Gavriel who suffered I think of my appreciation of Logan, the previous volume and the duology of the Howling Wolves Pack by Aurore Doignies which I will abstain from any comment, sometimes it is preferable. The last two books are french novel with no English translation.

Question 13: 3 best readings of 2017

It’s not going to surprise a lot of people, but it’s Lily Morton’s Rule Breaker, the book that moved me the most and the two best sequels for me of Santino Hassell, Fast Connection and First and First.

Question 14: The most anticipated book in 2018

I had 3, I’ve already read 2, Lucy Lennox’s Felix and the Prince and Santino Hassell’s Down by Contact, so I just have to wait for Ravensong, Wolfsong’s sequel to T.J. Klune.

That’s it, you know a little more about my 2017 year, my favorites and my disappointments. Do not hesitate to tell me about yours here or elsewhere. I hope that 2017 has been a year rich in beautiful readings for you and that 2018 will be just as much. See ya!

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