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We meet today for the first review of the year. It’s the review of “Felix and the Prince”, Volume 2 of the series “Forever Wilde” by Lucy Lennox.


Felix and the Prince de Lucy LennoxFELIX –
Things I expect to find at Gadleigh Castle:
– Rare stained glass, the subject of my dissertation.
– Peace and quiet, to finish said dissertation.
– An escape from the paparazzi swarming around my starlet mother’s latest blockbuster release.

Things I don’t expect to find:
– A hidden door leading to a secret room.
– The most gorgeous man I’ve ever set eyes on.
– Love.

Things I know are expected of me in life:
– That I will one day soon become the King of Liorland.
– I will marry a nice woman who will become queen.
– I will provide heirs to my family’s monarchy.

Reasons that might be difficult
– I’m gay.
– I’m falling in love with Felix Wilde.
– He has no idea I’m royal.

My review:

I discovered Lucy Lennox thanks to her series Made Marian which Sam from the blog “sur étagère la sirène” had made the review of Volume 1 last September. I had loved it, devoured the first four volumes and read immediately “Facing West”, the first volume of its spin-off series “Forever Wilde”. This book had been a very great favorite of mine in 2018 and I was waiting impatiently for his sequel, “Felix and the Prince”.

The wait has been rewarded because I loved this second album which I was surprised to discover was released to kindle unlimited on returning from my new year eve party. I was ready to read it on January the 2nd, but I couldn’t resist beginning it at the first light of day.

Felix and the Prince is the discovery of two terribly endearing characters from the first lines makes you want to discover them. They are different and at the same time share some aspects. Both show a great sensitivity, a huge need for love and a certain understanding of the media weight resting on the other shoulders.

Lucy was a little afraid of the perception that readers might have of her “appropriation” of the Monegasque monarchy. It did not shock me any more than that. Yet I live in France and Monaco is just a few hours from my home. But I found that the author did a coherent job with his personal contributions in order to build his story.

Felix does not recognize Lio, so he decides to take advantage and enjoy being a normal young man who lives a normal holiday romance.

I really liked this story. You will tell me it was not difficult as I love romances with members of Royal Families. I liked the smooth and sensual start where the problems due to the status of the future king of Lio are a little in the background. Felix does not recognize Lio, so he decides to take advantage and enjoy being a normal young man who lives a normal holiday romance. While there are small touches here and there on the hazards of a Prince’s life, but overall the first part of the novel focuses on their meeting and the creation of feelings that unites them. I loved this phase, to meet them, see their feelings grow and learn more about the different characters, main and secondary. It allowed me to go completely into the story, to attach myself to Felix and Lio and prepare myself for a second part with a bit more difficulties for the both of them.

My only little disappointment is that I would have liked a little bit more action in Monaco, some jealousy crises maybe or disruptive elements.

The second part of the novel is more focused on the fallout from the discovery of Lio’s status as a future king as well as the consequences for their relationship once he ascended the throne. I loved how Felix discovers that he has/had an affair with a prince. I appreciated that the author does not fall into the simplicity that Lio say directly, “fuck the monarchy, I like d**k”. No, Lio remains convinced that the monarchy needs a queen and that it owes it to her country and his family. I enjoyed reading his questioning, his tugging, his miss of his beloved one and his relief to find him. My only little disappointment is that I would have liked a little bit more action in Monaco, some jealousy crises maybe or disruptive elements. I don’t know just a bit more. Apart from the final scene of Felix’s stay on Monegasque lands, I found that everything was going a little too well. But hey, it allows to pass smoothly to the last part of the novel, where our two lovers finally find themselves back for good and where Felix finally get things straight with his mother and his past. Jaqueline is as I had imagined het and I loved the reactions of Lio who made me smile despite the seriousness of the situation.

In the end I found the rhythm of the story excellent. The events keep coming smoothly and are interspersed with scenes of sex rather nice. This is one of the things I loved to find back in this Book, the way the author builds her sex scenes. They are very hot and sensual, but what makes them unique and intense is the alternation of points of view. Several scenes are written on several chapters, with successively the vision, sensations and feelings of Felix and Lio and again Felix and so on. I really like this way of writing this kind of scene and I think it brings a real plus to them and ultimately to the book.

Finally, it is impossible for me to finish this review without telling you about the editing work. The cover is just beautiful and the inner pages have been worked very well with a judicious choice of fonts. I had the chance to receive “Forever Wilde” at Christmas thanks to Sam and Felix will soon find him in my library. We often think that self-publishing rhymes with poor quality. With her books, Lucy Lennox proves to us that no and that it is possible for independent authors to propose releases worthy of the best publishing houses.

To conclude, I fell in love with Lucy Lennox’s pen again. I loved Felix and the Prince, which I can only advise you to discover quickly. The author has already announced that the third book in the series is expected to be released by the end of the first quarter of this year. This book will tell the story of Otto and Walker and I can assure you that I cannot wait to read it.

Felix and the Prince (Forever Wilde #2) by Lucy Lennox
4.5 Rating

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