We continue in the series of Christmas romances with D.J. Jamison‘s Yours For The Holiday. An author whom I did not know at all and whom I enjoyed discovering with this title.

I am a big fan of Christmas. Every year, I love to snuggle into my couch with a cup of hot cocoa to read new Christmas romances. This year I’m spoiled and I was able to discover unknown authors for me. D.J. Jamison was one of them.

I really liked Your for the Holiday. It’s a cute story that has the merit of offering a story with a little more background than classic Christmas romances. The basic concept of “falling in love with the brother of his best friend” is perhaps simple, but the author has embellished other themes that enrich the novel. History thus addresses bisexuality and especially the question of “Coming Out” when everyone known you so far as “straight”. There is also a lot of talk about trust and family issues. Not only family of blood, but also family of heart. The family is for me one of the central elements of this book, and I really liked how the author treated this subject. Jason has a very chaotic family environment. Some scenes really touched me.

He is very fond of his family of heart, the one he built with his best friend. This attachment, or even this need, will greatly influence the evolution of his relationship with Rémy. Can he risk the family ties he so badly needs for a romantic relationship? Endangering his balance for an uncertain future? Can his relationship with his best friend would survive? All these questions all have one thing in common, the second major theme of this title, trust. This theme is also discussed at other times in the book. Can Rémy trust Jason, for him newly bisexual while he always saw as a straight guy he had a crush for and who tormented him? There are also questions of trust with Derek, brother and best friend. In short, this subject comes back throughout the novel.

I could talk to about some small negative points that I found in this book. Some elements would have earned to be more developed. The sex scenes are nice, but nothing more. Honestly, I do not think it’s necessary, because at any moment does is disturbed the reading. DJ Jamison, offers us with yours for the holiday, an good title with a story and touching characters. I had a great time reading and I have no problem advising anyone looking for a good book for a winter sunday near the fire.

[English Review] Yours For The Holiday by D.J. Jamison
3.2 Rating

Review previousy published on au boudoir écarlate.

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