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I gave you my opinion in a review of Scorpio hates Virgo, the second book of the Signs of Love Series last September. Today I’m reviewing the first one, Leo loves Aries, which was released on November 8, in French, by MxM Bookmark editions.

Summary : 

A new person will enter your life in the early year, Leo. Look past any moments of frustration they might bring and laugh—this could be the start of a thriving friendship.

Theo Wallace usually laughs at the horoscopes his mom sends. Still hung up on his ex-girlfriend and practically friendless, this one begs him to reconsider. Because a friendship that stuck, that thrived…

Well, that would be a reason to leave past pains behind and look to the Bright Future.

When his sister Leone challenges him to find her the perfect date for a spring wedding, Theo uses it as a chance to make new friends. Theo’s ex economics tutor and newest roommate Mr Jamie Cooper seems to be a possible and convenient match. Real convenient. Like written in the stars, convenient.

All he has to do is make sure this Jamie is good enough. Could really be the one for her, and the friend for him.

But watch out, Leo, the stars have a surprise in store…

My Review :

There are books that affect you more than others. Leo loves Aries is a book that really touched me, that had a real impact on my life. So that you really understand why, you have to know that I was in a very bad time at the beginning of the year. I was a little lost from a professional point of view, and from a sentimental point of view, it was not better. In addition to being in a period of great drought from a sexual point of view, I was in a phase of questioning about my sexuality and myself. Really 2017 was starting very badly. And it was in this rather dark and depressing period that I fell, by chance, on Leo loves Aries. I did not know anything about Anyta’s work, but while browsing GoodReads, I was attracted by his cover. I then clicked to learn more and read the summary, After that, I said to myself “you I’m going to devour you”. And so after a little detour on Amazon, I started reading this novel that was really going to give me the kick me in the ass I needed.

The author is a specialist and adorer of “slow burn” and It’s totally adapted to this story.

Leo loves Aries is above all, the light and full of humour pen of Anyta Sunday. This book is a really good read and we are quickly caught in the story. From the first pages, I loved the characters, Theo and Jamie of course, but also the secondary ones like Leone, Sean, Kyle, Ben or the mother of our two lions. Anyta really did a good work on them. They all have a story and a character of their own and bring some things to the story.

One of the things I liked most about this novel is its pace. The author is a specialist and adorer of “slow burn” and It’s totally adapted to this story. The relationship between Theo and Jamie takes a long time to settle. Their friendship is created little by little. Their feelings change little by little. Their relationship evolves little by little, from a friendship to a very strong friendship, to a “Friends with benefits” arrangement when Théo discovers his sexual attraction for Jamie, to a fusional love bonds. This smooth roll is just perfect because it makes the story credible. Theo thought he was heterosexual until he met Jamie. Discovering one’s sexuality and accepting it does not happen overnight. It takes time and Anyta has illustrated it perfectly here.

The relationship between Theo and Jamie is, of course, the best thing in this book. I find it just perfect from the beginning to the end. One feels from the beginning the alchemy between them. I loved their humorous exchanges, especially Jamie’s twofold significance sentences because he knows he’s gay and wants Theo (“You coming or what?” ““I’m gonna come all right.””). I also loved their moments full of sexual tension, like in the rink. And of course, I really enjoyed their intimate moments. These scenes are certainly not the most detailed and most daring I’ve read, but we really feel the love and desire that bind them and that, it’s worth a thousand times any scene as explicit as Menoboy porn.

Of course, Leo loves Aries isn’t perfect and will not please everyone. But for me besides being a 2017 favourite of mine, this book was for me a real breath of oxygen. He gave me hope, in love, in life. It allowed me to accept that I had a slightly different sexuality. But, that it was OK because sexuality is a vast colour spectrum that is not limited to that of heterosexuality, homosexuality or bisexuality. Reading the story of someone who discovers their sexuality and who eventually goes beyond their own beliefs has been revealing to me. If Theo could do it, why could I not too after all? Yes, Theo was the trigger for the acceptance of my semi-sexuality. And if anyone could love him in spite of his sexuality and his faults then why should I doubt that somewhere, there is Jamie perfect for me?

[Review] Leo loves Aries by Anyta Sunday.
4.4 Rating

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